Voices of the Dead

Voices of the Dead

ISBN: 0571271499

ISBN 13: 9780571271498

Publication Date: January 01, 2012

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Pages: 324

Format: Paperback

Author: Peter Leonard

3.56 of 304

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It's Detroit, 1971. Harry Levin, scrap metal dealer and holocaust survivor, learns that his daughter has been killed in a car accident. Travelling to Washington DC, he's told by Detective Taggart that the German diplomat, who was drunk, has been released and afforded immunity; he will never face charges. So Harry is left with only one option - to discover the identity of this man, follow him back to Munich and hunt him down. The first of a two-hander, Peter Leonard's new novel is a classic cat-and-mouse thriller. Told with swagger, brutal humour and not a little violence, it follows a good man who is forced to return to the horrors of his past.

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