Samurai Ghost and Monster Wars: Supernatural Art by Kuniyoshi

Samurai Ghost and Monster Wars: Supernatural Art by Kuniyoshi

ISBN: 184068304X

ISBN 13: 9781840683042

Publication Date: September 30, 2012

Publisher: Creation Books

Pages: 128

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jack Hunter, Utagawa Kuniyoshi

4.75 of 4

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Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) is regarded as one of the true masters of ukiyo-e, the art of Edo-period Japan. Kuniyoshi produced thousands of prints and designs during his lifetime, but is perhaps best-known for his musha-e ("warrior prints"), with which he came to prominence in 1830. Kuniyoshi's series 108 Heroes Of The Suikoden from that year was revolutionary in its dynamics, colour and visual violence, epitomising the delirious, almost proto-psychedelic style with with the artist would recreate archetypal figures - both human and demonic - from Japanese myth over the ensuing decades. SAMURAI GHOST AND MONSTER WARS, edited by Jack Hunter (who also edited the ground-breaking extreme ukiyo-e anthology "Dream Spectres"), collects and considers 100 of Kuniyoshi's most vivid and complex images of warriors, spectres, demons and monstrous beasts, presented in large-format and full-colour throughout. First in a dynamic new series presenting the cutting edge of 19th century Japanese art.

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