Gods of Grindhouse: Interviews with Exploitation Filmmakers

Gods of Grindhouse: Interviews with Exploitation Filmmakers

ISBN: 1593937342

ISBN 13: 9781593937348

Publication Date: July 31, 2013

Publisher: BearManor Media

Pages: 172

Format: Paperback

Authors: Andrew J. Rausch, Christopher Wayne Curry

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"Grindhouse" is a term that refers to theaters that primarily showed exploitation films. There were a handful of these theaters on 42nd Street in New York City. These theaters showed a variety of films that generally featured sex, violence, and bizarre subject matter. These included slasher films, X-rated movies, badly-dubbed Hong Kong chop socky pictures, blaxploitation, and general exploitation films. The period most generally associated with these types of movie houses stretches from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s. Since the demise of these theaters, and with them certain types of film, an enthusiasm and appreciation for them has developed. Hollywood films such as Black Dynamite, Machete, and Hobo with a Shotgun have since payed homage to them. Gods of Grindhouse: Interviews with Exploitation Filmmakers contains conversations with a variety of filmmakers associated with such films. The book contains interviews with key figures such as Roger Corman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Larry Cohen, David F. Friedman, William Lustig, Ted V. Mikels, and others. It also contains interviews with Bill Rebane and Russ Meyer that have never appeared in print before! This is a one-of-a-kind collection of interviews that gets as down and dirty as the films themselves.

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