The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents

The Handy Answer Book for Kids (and Parents

ISBN: 157859233X

ISBN 13: 9781578592333

Publication Date: August 01, 2001

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

Format: ebook

Authors: Judy Galens, Nancy Pear

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Kids ask the darnedest things. If you've ever tried to fend for yourself in this alien world, you know that a book like this is long overdue. The Handy Answer Book for Kids addresses nearly 800 queries that only a kid can think up. It's easy to understand and organized by simple topical chapters, permitting kids (and parents) to help themselves. Born in a moment of quiet desperation, it easily handles the occasional solitary stumper lobbed like a live grenade, like How many stars are there? It's more than a bunch. What did people use before toothbrushes were invented? With Handy Kids, love means never having to say I don't know. Chapters include Earth, Sky, and Beyond; Me, Myself, and I; My Family and Friends; Being Green (about the plant world); How Things Work; Home Life and School Days; World Tour; Animal Neighbors; and others.

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