Author: Jonathan Robinson

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Eric Allison, The Guardian: "Robinson has written his second book - in a completely different style to his first - which with an alarmingly shocking gait, reveals the 'looking the other way' by those with power of our prison system. I don't want to spoil for you events that ON IT describe, other than the fact that you are going to be shocked. Robinson is articulate, a fine writer, with a sharp sense of humour. I previously dubbed him a penal Adrian Mole and my view has not changed. When I reviewed IN IT, I said Robinson had surveyed the prison system with an eye that saw more in a few months than many a con I knew spied in decades. He has taken his keen sight and sharp tongue into the corridors of power. Those charged with leading the 'rehabilitation revolution' (which now incorporates the banning of books, sent from outside, by the way) ignore Robinson at their peril. He is clearly not going away." Jonathan Aitken: "Robinson's honest and hilarious first book IN IT - the warts and all diary he penned during his sentence - ruffled many feathers in the HMPS aviary. Now his sequel ON IT turns the author's guns towards the failure of most prison establishments to take rehabilitation seriously. How Jonathan Robinson thumped so persistently on the doors of the great, the good and the grey of the prison bureaucracy when fighting to win support for his crusade is a cautionary tale of our times. Readers of ON IT may well be shocked, surprised, and in some cases deeply disappointed by the apathy and obstructionism Robinson encountered. I certainly was. But few will be disappointed by ON IT. This is a thumping good read." The Prime Minister, David Cameron: "All too often prison comes bottom of politicians' priorities." Not Shut Up: "The author has not sugared the pill. ON IT details with brutal and bittersweet humour, the essence of the author's journey in eye-watering exchanges with those who are responsible for prisons. A truly excellent and inspirational read... Superb and jaw-dropping." Inside Time: "Sometimes shocking sometimes unbelievable but always entertaining - some of Robinson's material had me rolling in the aisles - his experiences are a must read for everybody. The human interest story is well written, Jonathan can play heartstrings with his pen like no other but he manoeuvres the reader from comedy to shock-horror political expose in a style that would stir Hitchcock. Whilst Robinson undeniably writes with his heart on his sleeve, it is a tragedy that the 'names' he meets throughout the pages who control what occurs in our prisons, cannot be as open and honest as the author. If you are interested in what really goes on behind the closed doors of our government departments and what they do with our money read this book. Robinson is back - with one hell of a bang."

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