Reporting: Writings from The New Yorker

Reporting: Writings from The New Yorker

ISBN: 0307275752

ISBN 13: 9780307275752

Publication Date: May 08, 2007

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 496

Format: Paperback

Author: David Remnick

4.25 of 189

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David Remnick is a writer with a rare gift for making readers understand the hearts and minds of our public figures. Whether it’s the decline and fall of Mike Tyson, Al Gore’s struggle to move forward after his loss in the 2000 election, or Vladimir Putin dealing with Gorbachev’s legacy, Remnick brings his subjects to life with extraordinary clarity and depth.

In Reporting, he gives us his best writing from the past fifteen years, ranging from American politics and culture to post-Soviet Russia to the Middle East conflict; from Tony Blair grappling with Iraq, to Philip Roth making sense of America’s past, to the rise of Hamas in Palestine. Both intimate and deeply informed by history, Reporting is an exciting and panoramic portrait of our times.

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