Kamala Speaks

Kamala Speaks

ISBN 13: 9781941356005

Publication Date: 2015

Publisher: WOHW Publishing

Pages: 348

Format: Paperback

Authors: James Harris, Kenny Casanova

4.46 of 24

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“The Ugandan Giant” Kamala is a former WWE superstar wrestler who never spoke once during his 30 year wrestling career. Having wrestled the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, The Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and The Ultimate Warrior, readers from around the world will take interest in this book. It is a tell-all story of life, bouts with blatant racism, overcoming obstacles and the gritty underbelly of professional wrestling as a whole. It is a tale of inspiration and loaded with stories and humor. James Harris (aka Kamala) recently lost both legs to diabetes. While this book is a fundraiser that will help offset medical costs to a man that provided many years of entertainment to wrestling fans around the world, it was not just thrown together to make money. It is actually written in a way that fans really want with pictures, funny stories and behind the scenes dirt.

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