The Vale of Shade

The Vale of Shade

ISBN: 1496159675

ISBN 13: 9781496159670

Publication Date: April 16, 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 644

Format: Paperback

Author: T.L. Barrett

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Once Prince Arden lived a blessed life: handsome, in love, and heir to the throne of a great kingdom. For his people, Arden embodied the promise of a better tomorrow. Alas, a dark tomorrow has arrived and stolen away that promise and Arden’s very face. Now, the Prince wears the mien of a fiend, the land is cursed, and his people are literally transforming into monsters. Their only hope lies in this twisted prince gathering to him old friends and new: A one-handed fisherman, a faithless priest, a drug-addled swordsman, a transvestite satyr and many others. Together they must journey across the blighted landscape and find the source of ancient legend, the darkest place in all the nine realms and the only hope in healing all wounds and pains: The Vale of Shade! For the first time the entire dark fantasy saga is available under one cover. Thrilling adventure awaits!

Includes: Test of a Prince, The Bastard Prophecy, and Lord of an Endless Realm

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