Whose Lie Is It Anyway?

Whose Lie Is It Anyway?

ISBN: 0373713975

ISBN 13: 9780373713974

Publication Date: January 09, 2007

Publisher: Harlequin Books

Pages: 299

Format: Paperback

Author: Abby Gaines

3.22 of 42

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This can't be happening to by-the-book accountant Holly Stephens! First she's wrongly accused of fraud and barred from her home and office. Now she's forced to take a job with a bad-boy tycoon known for skirting the law. Jared Harding doesn't care what Holly thinks of him--she's the perfect cover for his revenge. But what starts out as a combustible partnership turns into undeniable chemistry as they work together to clear her name and put his deal through. Jared is inspired to change his ways... except he can't tell Holly the truth about this one thing. And he's put more than his company on the line to make sure she never finds out.

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