Incident at Twenty-Mile

Incident at Twenty-Mile

ISBN: 0312970234

ISBN 13: 9780312970239

Publication Date: July 15, 1999

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Pages: 343

Format: Paperback

Author: Trevanian

3.75 of 733

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A godforsaken town. A young, eager-to-please stranger carrying a homemade shotgun and a staggering secret. And a madman escaped from the Territorial Prison at Laramie, cutting a swath of sadistic violence with two killers at his side. Now, for the people of Twenty-Mile-- the God-fearing and the godless, heroes, whores, lovers and a boy teetering on the edge of madness-- a siege is about to begin amidst a harrowing mountain storm. And when the killing, the thunder, and the terror are over, some will live, some will be buried, and the myth of the American frontier will never be the same...

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