Red Phoenix Legend - The Gates of Eternity

Red Phoenix Legend - The Gates of Eternity

ISBN: 1537070681

ISBN 13: 9781537070681

Publication Date: August 14, 2016

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 330

Format: Paperback

Author: Lambert Cheung

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It has been more than twenty years since Jasai and the Endeavor of Light embarked on the greatest journey of their time. It was the apex that would truly define Jasai as China's greatest hero, and the Endeavor of Light's greatest warrior for all time. Together with his closest comrades Ai Ling, Kang, and Mei Lin, the four of them had brought the Endeavor of Light into a time of greatness that surpassed all other generations and ages throughout the history of China's oldest and most legendary warrior clan. But even for the greatest of heroes and the closest of comrades, the time must come for a new generation to come of age to take their place; and a new blood leader must rise to succeed Jasai. Kai Lan, the " Whispering Wind" is the new blood leader ordained by the heavens themselves to lead the Endeavor of Light into the new era. But Kai Lan has gone into exile for almost three years now after a terrible darkness had claimed the lives of his family and the woman he once loved. But the time of grief must soon pass; and it is because that same darkness now seeks to claim all the lands of China, and soon, the world. Will Kai Lan be able to see past his grief? And will Jasai be able to to convince Kai Lan the Whispering Wind to embrace his destiny as the new blood leader for the Endeavor of Light? The path that Kai Lan chooses will decide the fate of not only China, but for all the world in the coming of the new age.

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