Publication Date: October 24, 2016

Publisher: Dark MInds Press

Pages: 117

Format: ebook

Author: Rich Hawkins

4.38 of 8

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These are the dark days, a time of ruin.
It began when the black rocks fell to earth, bringing with them a contagion which infected man and beast alike, spreading death and destruction across the land.
These are the days of the blight.
The south of England has become a quarantine zone, separated from the rest of the country by a huge wall, a wall which Gus Abernathy must cross to find his son, Tom, taken from him at the outbreak of the blight. Amid the decaying remnants of civilisation, Gus discovers he is not the only one searching for Tom, so too are the Nephilim, once human but now changed by the blight into something monstrous who want the boy for their own deadly reasons.
So begins one man's quest, a nightmare journey in which finding his son really could be the most important thing in the world...

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