Stranger in the Mist (Silhouette Shadows #3)

Stranger in the Mist (Silhouette Shadows #3)

ISBN: 0373270038

ISBN 13: 9780373270033

Publication Date: March 01, 1993

Publisher: Silhouette

Format: Paperback

Authors: Lee Karr, Ron Lesser

3.73 of 19

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Buried Secrets

It was utterly impossible, yet Lynne Delevan knew this dark stranger - this man she'd never met - who stood at the door of her isolated mountain house. Then, as Jarrett Taylor's unreadable eyes stared into hers, she was swept into memories of passion that had never been, experiences she'd never lived through....

In the blink of an eye, sensation overtook her, and Lynne found herself in a nightgown she didn't own, having thoughts that couldn't be hers. And seductive Jarrett was inextricably part of the mystery.

A mystery that made her ask: would she be left at the mercy of a stranger's desires - a man she'd loved forever in the mist of her mind...?

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