Rabid Dawn

Rabid Dawn

Author: Paul S. Huggins

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In a small East Anglian village, during the storm of a century, a virus is unleashed. Its carriers could be on your street, in your garden, even in your living room.
The best way to undermine a society is from the inside. This was cold war ethos, one that went on to remanufacture a virus that was previously wiped out in the UK. Its aim was to infect the animal life of the enemy, turning pets against masters. A strain of Rabies with 100% infection and mortallity rate.
Mothballed for years the deadly secret has finally emerged with speed and virulence.
One man, a gamekeeper, is alone to tackle it head on. A man whos fitness, knowledge and experience will be tested to the full in his quest to warn the outside world.

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