For Special Services (John Gardner's Bond, #2)

For Special Services (John Gardner's Bond, #2)

ISBN: 0425058603

ISBN 13: 9780425058602

Publication Date: April, 1983

Publisher: Berkley

Pages: 295

Format: Paperback

Author: John Gardner

3.52 of 1,310

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Bond is back on secret loan to the United States Government and primed to confront an old and deadly adversary which now has a sinister new leader and a devastating operation underway. Armed with a pair of Sykes-Fairbairn commando daggers, a new Heckler & Koch VP70 handgun and a gorgeous new partner – the daughter of his old friend Felix Leiter – Bond experiences the full deadly force of SPECTRE's new power.

"Just as enjoyable as the originals." --London Evening Standard

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