Sayward Forest Canoe Circuit

Sayward Forest Canoe Circuit

ISBN: 0986509507

ISBN 13: 9780986509506

Publication Date: January 15, 2010

Publisher: Dogwood Avenue Books

Pages: 90

Format: Paperback

Author: Michel Gauthier

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Located within a day's drive of Vancouver and Victoria, the Sayward Forest Canoe Circuit invites city-weary paddlers to crystal clear lakes, lively streams, and quiet ponds, all linked to each other by portages wide enough to accommodate canoe or kayak carts. The route is just right for beginners who want to experience the joy of canoe tripping. Intermediate paddlers will also enjoy the secluded places on the circuit. Ease of access, a choice of managed or unimproved campsites, and world class scenery reward both novices and old hands with a great wilderness experience. This guidebook provides maps, GPS waypoints, and detailed descriptions of every campsite and portage on the circuit.

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